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63C/D/E/F/G/H Regular Allowable Itemized incurred during the taxable year. This is the total amount reflected in the Mandatory Attachment to BIR Form No. 1701. BIR FORM 1701 PRIMER ANNUAL INCOME TAX RETURN FOR SELF-EMPLOYED/PROFESSIONALS ESTATES AND TRUSTS INCLUDING THOSE WITH BOTH BUSINESS AND COMPENSATION INCOME Individuals who are engaged in trade or business or the practice of profession including those mixed income earners i.e. those engaged in the trade/business or profession who are...
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and may also include any tax returns with respect to other tax years and income streams. See IRM, Income Tax Return (ITR) Forms for More Information, for specific information regarding your return preparation responsibilities. In addition, it will require you to make various inquiries regarding your income and exemption from filing, as well as information about your spouse's income. (IRM § 509C.3401.1) IRM and (5) . In addition to the income taxes you will file, an ITR Form 1701 provides you with information about the state returns filed with respect to which you are filing. (4) For a return you will file for a filing period beginning January 1st of the year that ends December 31st of the previous year, income tax returns are filed through January 31st. The filing date is always the last business day of the prior year. (5)(i) For a return you will file for a filing period beginning before January 1st of the year that ends on or after December 31st of the previous year, income tax, and federal and state tax returns are filed through February 15th. However, you may receive a Form 2555 from the taxpayer's employer or bank on or before that date to show the year and month you must file. If not filed by February 15th, you must file a Form 2555 during the period of time that starts on February 15th through February 28th for the current year and ends December 31st of the year before. See IRM for the filing of Form 2555 by a Form 1099-INT taxpayer. These requirements apply only if you file a Form 2555 and there is an understatement of tax. (ii) (A) There is no penalty for a filing period beginning before January 1st, in which case a Form 2555 is required to be filed. However, if you are required to file a Form 2555 for a filing period that begins on or after January 1st of the year that ended December 31st of previous calendar year, income tax returns will be filed with respect to the business business or profession for tax year that ended December 31st. This is generally the same for any business or profession. (B) If you are required to file a Form 2555 for a filing period beginning on or after January 1st
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Shut up I think my vlog post will be about VIR today how I filed my taxes because some of my friends a lot of freelance theater actors have a hard time filing I think they get confused with the program, so I'm going to do a blog tutorial on how I do my I won't like I don't know if you do a different version, but that's how I was taught by an accountant and by a AIR personnel because my mom and I used to go to VIR to file our taxes but since everything's online now we had to learn it on our own well we didn't honor a person from BA our daughter something with and that's how I've been filing my monthly taxes my IP our quarterly ID are waiting for us, so this is what I'm doing well technically I've finished my taxes already no see long ago, and I just want to fix us later I'm going to give my tutorial I really will give a tutorial later on how the file weird hi we have flowers and my kids those are my kids guys see those okay, so I got a bump that I could buy the door I got a bunch of in internals with a gulag, and I'm like I'm going to do the tutorial okay I'm using my brother's laptop because first this program does not work on Mac, so it only works on Windows and you have to download the e BIR forms I teach you the monthly thing first I teach them how to choke people things you need when you file your taxes your cor can see it yes actually your cor will tell you everything you need the file the reminders are actually here you can check which quarter like first quarter is until April 15, so it's June the 15th and then August 15 and then November 15, and then it tells you which form you have to do so for example on April 15 for 1701 Q is just and at the same time there's another one that says 1701 is due on April 15, and it also says file your monthly taxes, so that's formed two five one M so yeah guys if you get confused with like you don't know what the file went to file check out your cor because it has everything ok, so the program looks like that so first off you need to input the course your tin ok because I've used this a lot it actually automatically inputs everything else, and then you choose which form so for example two five one M, so that's your monthly percentage tax return, and then you open that okay so once you have that you have to make sure that this is on calendar okay see that, so you click on it well I choose the first one now that you actually put that you can already put an amount and once you've done that you click validate so validation successful click on edit if you wish to modify your entries, but I don't have to if you want to set this to be I already just have to click final copy which I will not do so click final copy and then the next page will actually say are you are registered VAR online user or something like that click now and then after that I think it will automatically send to VIR, and then you'll have the confirmation on your email they'll send you a confirmation letter on your income yes, so that is for...
What is bir form 1701?
BIR Form 1701, also known as Annual Income Tax Return for Self-Employed Individuals, Estates and Trusts is a tax form which summarizes all the transactions made over the tax calendar year.
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